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Fighting Against the Wind


Sousuke wanting to swim with Rin in a relay more than anything because he wants to understand something about swimming that he couldn’t do alone or with anyone on his old swimming team back in Tokyo

He can only understand it by being with Rin (⊙‿⊙✿)

In fact, this all started because you were an ignorant idiot. You got tricked by me, tampered with by the doctor, and turned into a monster. This is all your fault. It’s fantastic that you’re so kind. It’s how you ended up like this.

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Ever after never came,
And I’m still waiting for a life that never was,
And all the dreams I lay to rest
Are ghosts that keep me,
After all that I’ve become,
I am only one.


they sleep together
curled up
against each other
tucked against collarbones

the soft sound
of inhalations
filling the air
the silent air
that shifts
between them

his scent
fills him
overwhelms him
and he grips onto him
even as tears
roll down his cheek

another day of defeat
and failure
and control lost

all tsukiyama
could do
was to hold him
and murmur
soft incoherent


That morning, when Sousuke appeared before him with a casual 'hey babe, I just got my driver’s license, want me to give you a ride?’ proposal and a daring smile, Rin flat-out refused.

But somehow he finds himself on the passenger’s seat with his hand dangling out the window – his recently washed hair being roughly combed by the wind – and thinking that the sight of a focused, smirking Sousuke behind the wheel isn’t all that bad. 

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